Equipment is everything.

Behind every great success there is a consolidated team.

Inspired by dozens of expeditions. Andrea and her team have designed experiences that strengthen personal leadership and integration among team members to achieve common goals.

"A reminder of the power of working as a team."

Luisa Fernanda Zamora
HR Manager Toledo, CMI

Why hire a Team Building by Andrea Cardona?

Customized Activities

We base the design and location of the experiences on the business needs and size of the group.

Personal Leadership

We empower your employees with training prior to the experience so they can face it with a winning attitude.

Tested Challenges

Challenges that test teamwork to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Debrief and follow-up

We ensure the impact of the event with surveys and reports according to the client's objectives. Optional video and photo delivery.

...and most importantly


Solutions for
every corporate challenge

team building

The Everest Experience

We prepare your team to conquer the summit, on a volcano or in the open air. Along the way there will be challenges that can only be overcome by working as a team.
Empower teams from 20 to 100 people.
Strengthens coordination, communication and leadership.
Duration 4 to 8 hours depending on group size and location.

All Terrain Equipment

We guide your team to conquer the summit of a Volcano. Along the way they encounter a variety of challenges that they have to overcome as a team.
Ideal for: sales, marketing and customer service teams
Strengthens creativity, communication and corporate culture.
Experiential activities

Indoor Activities

Ideal to reinforce the message of a lecture, kick-off or gathering. They liven up seminars with a lot of theoretical content or that last all day long.
Empowers teams from 10 to 200 people, depending on the space.
Strengthens integration and motivation towards goals.
Activities lasting 15 to 30 minutes each.
team coaching

Grand Slam

We take your team on an expedition through 9 different themes that create high performance teams.
Empowers teams that need to be more effective and cohesive, from 10 to 50 people.
Strengthens teams in times of crisis, drastic changes, creative and innovation processes.
Workshops of 1 to 2 hours each.

"Andrea Cardona's team really are leaders with an amazing vibe. The best team building I have ever been a part of."

Maria de los Angeles Alvarez
Communications Analyst, Molinos Modernos

"...this activity, in addition to emphasizing teamwork, is an activity that individually encourages overcoming the limits or fears that each of the participants may have, challenging each other and showing themselves what they are capable of."

Fatima Ordoñez
HR Manager, Absorbentes Maya

It was an excellent activity, I hope it will take place every year.

Axel Barillas
CRM Manager, Cofiño Stahl

I congratulate them, it was a different, joyful, enriching activity, with a lot of learning that in the long run will leave its mark on most of the people who participated in the activity.

Paolo Nadalini
General Manager, Australian Group

"It was very worthwhile."

Ana Garcia
Change Management, Multi Investment Corporation

"I have had nothing but excellent comments on what the HR team has experienced in the Pacaya Volcano experience, mainly because of the robustness in the activities, the preparation and the experience demonstrated by your team."

Noe Solares
HR Manager, Pepsi Co

"...our employees really enjoyed the activity and that the experience they lived was pleasant, each person set their goal and had a reason to achieve it."

Alejandro Rios
HR Coordinator, Banco Industrial

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